Andy eats a Krispy Kreme Burger at the Fair

Look, it's obvious just by looking at me that I like to eat. And as a comedian, I get to travel and thus know a lot of good places to eat. Of course, many of the good places I know are in Raleigh, and North Carolina because that's where I live. But I'll be adding more places the more I travel. As one of my fellow comics told me, "When a fat guy asks you to travel out of your way to eat somewhere, you know it's good." So check out the places below if you are ever near one of them and tell them BiG"A" sent you. Sure they'll look at you weird and probably charge you extra, but it will be worth it.

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Meadow Village Restaurant is located about an hour outside of Raleigh, NC as you head east on I-40 towards Wilmington. After you crossover I-95 it's just a few miles until you see a sign for Meadow. You get off there, take a right and go to the only stoplight for miles around. Across the road on the left is Meadow Village Restaurant, a place that has one of the finest Country Buffets you've ever seen. They have seafood, fried chicken, southern vegetables and FATBACK, (a personal Favorite), all on the buffet. Not to mention the homemade desserts. There is a yellow cake with chocolate icing that is AWESOME! I've been known to have a little fatback with my chocolate cake. It's better than it sounds, I promise. They don't have a website, but you can find them at 7400 NC Highway 50 S, Benson, NC 27504 (919) 894-5430.

Andy's Cheesesteaks & Cheeseburgers (Hwy 55 Burgers) There is SO much to love about Andy's. First, the name is pretty awesome, even though they have changed it to Hwy 55 Burgers, Fries & Shakes. But more importantly, the food is exceptional. I am a huge fan of cheesesteaks, and these don't disappoint. Also their burgers are really good. They even have something called The BiG"A" Challenge (unfortunately not named after me.) But if you can eat a burger with six patties, fries and a drink, it's free. But the food is so good, you'll be happy to pay for it. Check out their website for many locations throughout eastern NC.

The Home Place is an excellent little restaurant located in Lincolnton, NC, (the town I grew up in.) What's good there? Everything! Burgers, BBQ, Seafood, and daily specials. I like the Double Cheeseburger with slaw on it. And their slaw is so good, you can dip your fries in it. OK, you don't have to, but I encourage it. But it's awesome, and if you are near the Charlotte or Hickory area of NC, it's worth the extra drive in to Lincolnton. Located at 1700 W Highway 27 Lincolnton, NC.

J. Michael's Philly Deli is located in Wilmington, NC and has one of THE BEST Philly Cheesesteaks ever. And I would know, I'm a connoisseur, (definitely had to look up the spelling of that.) This really is a tremendous place to get a Cheesesteak, and if I had to pinpoint the reason it would be the cheese. It's like a white cheese sauce that the sandwich is smothered in. You know it's good because they stick a fork in it when they give it to you. While I don't really stray from the Cheesesteak, they also have some really great fried mushrooms, (that you should let cool before just biting into them and melting the inside of your mouth.) Check out their website. They have three locations in Wilmington, I'm partial to the one across from the Mall on Oleander.

The Apollo Flame is a very unique restaurant located in Asheville, NC. They specialize in Greek and Italian food, (although I think there are a few other ethnic dishes there as well). I am OF COURSE a huge fan of their Cheesesteaks. Maybe it's because they use Ribeye Steaks. Maybe it's that Greek Dressing that they let me put on them that makes them so good. Maybe it's just food and I'm a large man who likes to eat. Either way. you should check this place out. They have tremendous Pizza as well. It's at the same exit as the Biltmore House, just turn away from the Biltmore and it's right there. Check out their website. Then just go there and eat. And take me with you. Seriously, when are you coming by to get me?

The Roast Grill is an incredibly small place to eat some of the best Hot Dogs in Raleigh, NC. It is also know as "HOT WEINERS" because there is a big sign out front that says so. My father-in-law took me here many years ago, and believe me, one visit and you are hooked. It is classic counter service, and except for three tiny tables on the other side of the counter, that's it. These aren't boiled hot dogs, they are roasted, thus the name. And they have a philosophy at the Roast Grill, NO KETCHUP. Finally a philosophy I can get behind. And one of the other great things they serve, Coke in a bottle! I'm telling you, the dogs with the Coke are just the perfect lunch combination. They've even been on "Man vs Food" on TLC. Check out their website, and then go there and have George make you some dogs.

Yum Yum Better Ice Cream. This little eatery is on the campus of UNCG (My Alma Mater) in Greensboro NC, and they specialize in three things you will love. Delicious Hot Dogs, Awesome Ice Cream in Many flavors, and Coke in a Bottle. Maybe the hot dogs are so good because you are in college and it's not cafetria food, or maybe it's because they are just really good hot dogs with great toppings. I just visited there recently and there is no better way to top off a couple of dogs, and your Coke in a bottle than with some of their ice cream. It's hand made, comes in a variety of flavors and my wife won't let us leave until we've had some. So do yourself a favor and get to Yum Yums, it's awesome.